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The elevator pitch Empty The elevator pitch

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:05 pm

Answer the following questions:
1. What is the elevator pitch?
2. What makes a good elevator pitch? (Name at least 4 characteristics
a) Post your elevator pitch here and say why you believe it is strong
b) Comment (and help improve!) your classmates' elevator pitch by giving 3 observations and 3 suggestions to improve


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The elevator pitch Empty Reserving this question - task 1

Post by catherine on Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:59 am

question reserved for catherine until march 5th


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The elevator pitch Empty The elevator pitch

Post by assya.nikolova on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:54 am


I am reserving the question until 21.04.2017



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The elevator pitch Empty The elevator pitch

Post by assya.nikolova on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:34 pm

1. The elevator pitch is a sales pitch, should be short (recommended approximately 30 sec.-60sec. or less , but sometimes can take up to 1-2 min), prepared in advance and trained to present speech which explains the main important characteristics of person. It should be straight to the point- to use it quickly and simple and clear - so people to understand what exactly is offered, what is its value proposition, what are the benefits of it. It should contain the main idea and what makes it to be unique. The elevator pitch should contain information for the skills of the person and qualifications. It should catch the attention of the person so to be interested in you, to continue to listen and to ask for details.

2.2.What makes a good elevator pitch?
The most important is to know the objective of the pitch-what exactly is offered
- It is important to clarify what we want others to remember for us, to want to understand more about us, to spend time with us, why to choose us
- When this point is clear, should be explaining what exactly is UVP- what makes someone different. It is also important the used language
- Should be professional and easy to follow. Should be like a story. Should avoid technical jargon because to be easy to understand from everyone, not only from technical people. But keep the professional language and attitude.
-It is also important to engage people with us –for example with open answered questions, discussions.
The personal goal should be mentioned but it could not need to be very specific, but it is very important to include what the person is looking for. The elevator pitch should be adjusted to each audience. It should be understand from everyone who is listening, not to be very technical or to use jargon. The elevator pitch should be used when attending networking events, job fairs, meeting with new partners or colleges.
The elevator pitch should contain information about what the person can do, not only what is the person like position of educational background.

"I have experience as Business Analyst and Quality assurance specialist with more than 7 years of experience working with technology people in IT domain. Having the chance to work in multicultural teams, I always want to be good example, I love to discuss, exchange ideas and share experience with my colleagues and friends and to gain more knowledge. I am the person who loves to write “How to” documents and I promise that I will make you to read them.

I am reliable responsible person who collaborates well with different personalities, I am well organized, flexible professional with eye to identify problems and find a solution for them. As “blue” person I love to resolve conflicts.

I have experience in gathering business requirements and analyzing the customers’ needs, also combining my experience in testing software products and delivering high quality. In addition the gained knowledge from the digital marketing courses I am following now, I could offer to companies to build their optimized websites and to grow by finding and retaining customers."

I believe that my elevator pitch is strong enough to convince people to understand my strengths and my professional background. I stress the attention that I am reliable people, but also that I am flexible person who is eager to learn and acquire new knowledge and experience, who is continuing to improve his knowledge and skills with learning and communicating with different people in different areas. And I think that I will make people to laugh with my passion to write documents as usually people accept as boring task.

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The elevator pitch Empty The elevator pitch

Post by qianyin luo on Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:19 pm

2. What makes a good elevator pitch? (Name at least 4 characteristics)

In my opinion, catching people’s attention and making sure the person remember us and wants to continue to communicate with us is to make a good elevator pitch.
So, I think that concise, compelling, conceptual and conversational are most important for elevator pitch.

Elevator pitch is executed ideally in a minute or less minute due to the elevator pitch conducts from the elevator door close on one floor to the elevator door open on another floor, so make the content of elevator pitch concise to catch the people’s attention.
The content of elevator pitch is concise that will give a very clear idea to people to know what you want to talk with them, which it will make the elevator pitch be on a good beginning.

Boring speaking it can’t grab the audience to pay an attention to your elevator pitch, so make the elevator pitch compelling to let the audience have a deep impression and the audience wants to do a conversation with you.
For example, you can indicate what solution you provide for the problem or what goal you achieve for the mission.

The elevator pitch is too short, so the content of the elevator pitch must be conceptual and no need to provide unnecessary details, just only to offer very clear points to the people to let them understand what would be.

The object of the elevator pitch is to communicate with people, if always one person speaks, no response from another, the elevator pitch is not successful. The elevator pitch must build an interaction.

If the elevator pitch could include above-mentioned contents, it will make the elevator pitch successful.

References from:

qianyin luo

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The elevator pitch Empty Elevator Pitch

Post by MasoudTabatabaei on Fri May 19, 2017 10:01 pm

Task 2

1. Make them give it a second thought
Individuals can be thoughtful and adoring, however, once in a while it truly boils down to noting that very significant question: "What would you be able to accomplish for me?" To get to this point, present yourself and address an issue ideal out of the door. Clarify the advantages your organization can offer, which is, at last, a genuine arrangement. Customize this present individual's issue into a question and give them the best arrangement: your organization.

2. Make it simple to join
In the event that you have worked with some huge name marks as of now or even the contenders of the individual that you are pitching to, don't be hesitant to say that. It demonstrates that you have validity and you are developing. In the event that this current individual's opposition isn't utilizing your administration or items, the question is, the reason not? To a financial specialist, having the capacity to point clients - particularly prominent ones - demonstrates footing.

3. Abandon them needing more
Elevator pitches are intended to be short, so don't attempt to pack in excessively. Give only a few subtle elements, however, nothing that can be disguised as classified. Clarify your mastery, why you are most appropriate for the execution and a general review. There are no non-divulgence understandings marked toward the start of a pitch. The mystery sauce ought to be put something aside for some other time. All you're required to do is have the capacity to unhesitatingly communicate that you know precisely what you're doing

4. Have a suggestion to take action
You did this pitch for a reason right? Regardless of on the off chance that you needed to catch a venture or pick up another customer or representative, let your objectives be known. In the event that you are raising cash, convey the amount you need and how much value you're willing to part with. In case you're attempting to disarm a worker or a customer, let them know precisely what you need from them.

5. Be characteristic
Get settled with your pitch. You would prefer not to sound like a pre-recorded program. Have energy, yet demonstrate some restriction. A large portion of all, unwind! On the off chance that you bumble that is absolutely fine, grin and begin once again. Hone as much as you can, in the end, you will locate the ideal pitch for you.

6. Test yourself
We can't all pitch for the major groups immediately. Accordingly, it's great to get however much criticism as could reasonably be expected. People give awesome criticism on your pitch on what you can do any other way, how to improve it and on the off chance that you would get a moment meeting with them.


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The elevator pitch Empty TASK3 / 2.a) Post your elevator pitch here and say why you believe it is strong

Post by mina mirzamohammad on Thu May 25, 2017 10:04 pm

TASK3 2.a

I have a decade’s worth of experience in IT field, BS. in computer software program and AEC certified in digital marketing field. My characteristics such as hard worker, responsible, self-motivated, and fast learner always bring good worth for the company.  My recent skills in digital marketing field by focusing on web programming and SEO strategy could help business owners to grow their business and attract more traffic by providing high performance and SEO-friendly website by the meaning of obtaining high ranking in search engines in the short possible period of time.

I think my elevator pitch is strong enough to attract people because:

• Short description
• It determined what I am doing
• It determined who I am talking to
• Which solution I bring
• My personal characteristics are good enough for the employer

mina mirzamohammad

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The elevator pitch Empty Re: The elevator pitch

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